Beef tripe recipes from around the world

Trippa alla parmigiana (tripe recipe from Italy)
Place the tripe in a saucepan, along with half of the onions, half of ... the top is crisp and golden-brown. Garnish with the parsley and serve.
Trippa alla milanese (tripe recipe from Italy)
Place the tripe in a large pot over medium heat, bring to boil and red ... g occasionally. Adjust seasoning again, if needed, and serve very hot.
Trippa alla romana (tripe recipe from Italy)
In a large pot combine tripe, vinegar, and enough water to cover the t ... ooked, pour into warmed bowls and top with the cheese and mint leaves.
Trippa alla fiorentina (tripe recipe from Italy)
Cut the tripe into very thin strips. Clean, wash and chop the onion, c ... rve the tripe still hot, sprinkled with some grated Parmigiano cheese.